About Us

Studio 22-tattoo isn’t only a tattoo studio but also an art gallery, located in Portugal, nearby Coimbra, precisely at Lousä. Alexandre Abreu is its founder and artist. The studio opend up in 2003, firstly in the historical centre of the city of Coimbra, where it has been opened for 10 years.

Alex, thanks to his passion, enthusiasm and responsability which have grown up day after day, has defenetely brought Studio 22 to a national and international high popolarity. Its popularity has also raised after Alex’s partecipation to many tattoo international conventions and his partnership with different prestigious tattoo studios in Europe.

Alex is a very scrupulous artist for what it concerns the quality of its work; also he is characterized by an original line. He works on his own except when he invites tattoo artists as guests; he believes that he has to carry on its art without any sort of distraction, which can occure if more tattoo artists work together.

The customers who come from Portugal and from all over Europe to be tattoed by Alex are well aware that are going to be tattoed only by him, and that’s the reason why customers book their tattoes ( especially bigger tattoes) well in advance.

Sanitation has high standards and it’s useless to speak about it. It cannot be doubted.
Alex began tattoing in 1998, in the South of France. He soon avoided to perform “flash tattoes” which are based on other artists’ drawings. Alex’s interest for art began when he was studying at the popular Art School “Antonio Arroio”of Lisbon; soon after he started to follow the art of the tattoes.

“I have had the opportunity and fortune to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I have had the fortune to have custormers who have totally trusted me and let me modify their bodies accepting owe and pains which are part of having a tattoo done.
Thanks to all people that made my dream become true, to my customers, my friends, my collegues, and, at last but not least thanks to my beautiful family which has always supported me, and give me the stability to carry on my art and perform at my best.”



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